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School-Pons at the 2012 COSPRA Conference

School-Pons would like to thank the Colorado School Public Relations professionals for visiting us at the 2012 COSPRA conference. We had a great time meeting everyone and informing Colorado school districts about School-Pons can help raise much needed revenue while providing a community benefit.

The Colorado School Public Relations Association (COSPRA) advocates for effective public relations practices that support student achievement. Our mission is to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding by leading, serving and engaging the public in support of Colorado public education. COSPRA members engage in professional development to remain credible sources of advice on school-community relations. Educational organizations we serve view our expertise as invaluable during decision-making processes and essential when communicating those decisions. Civic conversations prompt the public to be better informed and involved in support of public education.

We look forward to continuing to serve local communities within Colorado and throughout the country.